As a pioneer of today's most commonly used logistics technology, The Terminal Corporation provides a wide range of Information technology (IT) solutions. Our savvy staff of technology professionals can literally become an extension of your company by taking raw data in, manipulating it into a meaningful format, and then seamlessly integrating it back into your data pipeline. Plus, our powerful information infrastructure can keep you informed of the accurate status of your product at all times.

Terminal provides customers with the latest technology available in managing information regarding their assets:

  • Highly flexible computer system for tracking inventory and shipments; able to provide customized reporting and billing.

  • Trucking and warehouse operations are fully automated with the latest optical scanning capabilities.

  • Customer access via the Internet for stock status and shipments.

  • EDI capabilities for receiving and sending shipment data.

  • For high volume customers, Terminal will set up direct access to the customer's systems for direct entry of shipment data.

  • Depending on the complexity, Terminal develops a complete customized system to meet specific customer needs.

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